All you emacs cultists, share with me your wisdom. As someone who wants to learn how to use it I have a few questions.

what resources should I use to learn more about it and configuring it?

What's the difference between emacs, doom emacs and all the others I've heard about?

Are you able to and do you use the GUI or the CLI versions of it?

And are there any packages equivalent to VSCode's Intellisense?

please for the love of God don't turn this into a holy war of vim vs emacs I don't mind either I just want to try out emacs cause I think it looks awesome and something I'd be interested in.

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    Being a vim user, i started by getting the fastest available emacs version (latest with native compilation) and then hooking 'straight.el' package-manager inside my emacs' configuration file (init.el), finally, i ported my configuration scripts from Lua to emacs lisp while also searching and reading through source code of emacs plugins to replace my vim ones.

    BUT if you're in a hurry, the closest VSCode-like experience you'll get is Doom Emacs. Don't forget to get emacs with native-compilation enabled.
    Doom will guide you thru everything
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    @bigmonsterlover I've wanted to try doom emacs it looks awesome
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    @Bubbles have at it, i liked it better than VSCode, though I've came back to NeoVim since both code and emacs have too slow startup time
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