Thought I would only do frontend-stuff when I started working. Boy I was wrong. I thought it would be easy coding in a real company and not just in schoolprojects, boy I was way out in the blue. But when your code works and is actually used by people, I never could've imagined that would feel so good!

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    I'm about to have this feeling ! But tell me, how different is it to work in company instead of school ?
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    What pisses me off is that your rant has only the three last words hidden when in the feed
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    @oscarascal RIGHT??? Could have shown the whole rant instead of the words «show more», haha! @dfox plz?
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    @Orionss you don't just get grades on your assignments. If there are bugs in my code it could impact revenue and stuff, so there's that. But also feel it more rewarding since the code actually s a purpose
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