"Will update my Android app I" thought.
"Haven't updated it in 2 years and summer vacations are here so now's the time", I thought.
Opened Android Studio. It notified me of an update for the IDE. "I'll update it, because (stable) IDE updates are always good", I thought.
Then it notified me of updates to the SDK and libraries. "I'll update those too, because (stable) SDK and library updates are always good", I thought.
Then it notified me to update to the latest recommended version of Gradle. "I'll update that too, because (stable) Gradle updates are always good as they almost always reduce build time", I thought.
"Now I can finally get to updating my app", I thought. But no!
Gradle then tells me that the compileSdkVersion needs to be the latest, so I change it to 26. Done? Not so fast!
It then tells me that targetSdkVersion should match the compileSdkVersion or else some compatibility modes would apply, and I didn't want that, so I change it too to 26. Then it tells me that I would also need to update the support libraries to v26. I do that too. And then when I sync the project files with Gradle, what does it tell me? THAT IT FAILED TO RESOLVE ANY OF THE UPDATED LIBRARIES! Not even the initial version (26.0.0), neither it's alpha nor it's beta. Now I'm stuck searching on StackOverflow and elsewhere about updating the libraries and all, when I just really want to update my app :/
Can't this whole IDE, SDK, Gradle and library update process be automated, and that too in the background, so that I can do exactly what I really​ want to do rather than waste so much of my time on this nonsense?! If it can't, then I want to work on making that happen first before anything else. Because seriously, "This sucks! Why did I even update any of this?", is what I now think.

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    I see Android rant. I give ++
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    @busuu There's Android O beta out that brings version 26 , along with the Android studio canary
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    I have been going through that same problem for so long! I feel your pain buddy!
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