How do grown up people deal with a coworker who never listens, proposes slow and complicated solutions and takes literally one hour of fight to change his mind?

Please note, he's a nice person, so I won't say or do anything that might offend him.

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    @Root second degree murder?
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    @PepeTheFrog Whatever makes you smile.
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    @theKarlisK thanks for the suggestions.

    The trainwreck will happen if the coworker leaves (which might happen soon) and I'll be the one touching that code.
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    I see two choices:

    1) Homicide

    2) SSRIs
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    I would say show him this rant :)
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    I had this coworker once.

    This is usually a case of good engineers being bad businessmen, or not having enough self esteem.

    They second guess themselves all the time and that hinders the whole process.

    You can help them by showing that not everything needs to be military grade, because, well, it doesn't need to be, and by reassuring them their work is valued.

    It worked in my case. I know, irrelevant sample size, but maybe worth a try?
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    @bigmonsterlover I actually got into this situation by following too much these advices
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