I think that my interview on Tuesday went well, 2 hours after the interview, i got invitation to second round of interviews and a simple " find security flaws in this code" test by email

It may have something to do with the fact that first thing in said i interview was: here is a list of security issues on the recruitment system you are using, it apparently stores passwords in plaintext and ******(Redacted)******

I'm feeling pretty good right now

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    Then again, if they store passwords in plaintext, maybe that's a sign that you probably should find somewhere else to work.

    Or, like we say here "in a land of blind people, a one eyed guy is king" (aproximate to how much i remember)
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    @pagongski it's a it-security company, it was not their product but they were only using it to handle job applications
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    @amahlaka i understand and i wish you good luck, my friend. These days its a victory if we manage to generate interest in our field. :)
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