Aaaah...I just got back from a meeting because of a production data problem caused by an analyst who keeps making mistakes that screw up client data. I wrote a program to automate most of it and everybody initially accused me of having a buggy program, only to find out she wasn't using it, never did.

"Why aren't you using the program then?" was asked. "Oh, well, I just understand my way better," she replies, "When I make a mistake at least I understand why."


"Then, um, if you know you're making a mistake, why don't you fix it?"
"Because my process is so manual and labor intensive sometimes it's not worth it to go back and fix it, because I'd have to do everything over again, and you guys are much better at fixing this stuff than I am."

I indicated that everyone is too busy to stop and fix her mistakes, to which she then asks:

"So if you can't fix my mistakes, what am I supposed to do?"

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    @tachoknight oh dear lord. That person should get fired on the spot for making such a dumb and self centered rationale.

    Have a ++ and lots of ++ to your patience stat.
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    She needs to be put on probation, and it needs to be explained to her that what she is doing has a negative financial cost. She either gets on board with the standards, or gets to go find a new job.
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    "So if you can't fix my mistakes what am I supposed to do?"
    - for starters you could be less of an idiot and try growing a brain by means of mitosis, as your brains current size is close enough to resemble an amoeba.
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    That will almost trigger the Budda...
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    Oh god i want to bash people like that over the head with a spiked club.
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