There’s a junior on my team, who has an ego problem.

Within 6-8 months, they have not progressed much, up to the point they still struggle with language and framework syntax.

Yet, they want to get the credit for doing big and important tasks, the ones they have no clue at all how to execute.

Our team tried to break more the tasks and tickets almost to the point of a tutorial. Junior got upset and complained that they did not want the tasks to be broken for them.

If we give space, tasks take forever to get completed. If we try to pair, Junior does everything in their power to cut the meeting short and again take forever to complete anything.

If we prioritize our own tasks, Junior complains that nobody pairs/assist them.

Took one for the team and started to work on finding ways to get this wonderful person to learn. Junior does not learn. In fact, almost feels like things enter from one ear and leave from the other instantly. Despite being repeated multiple times. Chewed. Presented in all sorts of way. You name it, I’ve tried.

Yesterday was the last drop. They fucking rolled their eyes while was explaining something.

This person is dead for me and I will make my personal crusade to not go out of my tasks to help them.

Thanks for coming to my TED rant.

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    Oh my, this sounds almost exactly like the situation I was in for a couple of months last year, until end of January. Had an arrogant, useless intern. Fuck. That. Shit.

    I've seen this before, new grads are arrogant and think they know a lot of shit, because they have a degree.

    Can you discuss it with your manager/trustworthy superior?

    I've learned that when things like this creep up, you really need to speak up, because it will start to rot your mind and you'll be unhappy which is not fair towards you. My manager actually apologised to me multiple times in the past month about this fucking intern I was stuck with.

    Good luck, man, I feel your pain so deeply. :(
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    Boot him.

    But not bootcamp him like you've done so far.

    Boot him to the moon, out to the unemployment office, whichever is closer 😁
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    @dissolvedgirl the most impressive part is that this person came from another field and only has a bootcamp certificate.

    Manager is aware of situation and said to let them struggle to learn. But they are such a pain that trying to dodge them sometimes is an even bigger struggle.

    I feel sorry for whomever will work with this person the day they will have seniority.
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    @CoreFusionX the cherry on top of the cake is that nobody from our team knows how they got hired. They didn’t interview with our team.
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    This could have also we written by a dad complaining about his toddler
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    This person is a junior. I'm assuming that you are not a junior. But you sound like a junior.

    Step up. Being senior at something is more than writing better code.
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    Most juniors are arrogant and have ego problems. Tell him that slow workers are not preferred by the company. If you wanna make your name speed things up.
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