I don't have the patience for people right now...

I am however going to the gym.

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    @theKarlisK @aethist I will fight both of you pussies
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    @chonky-quiche I'm 6ft4/193cm, 108kg and spend about 15 hours a week doing some form of exercise.

    I'm down.

    For some strange reason, I've had loads of guys start on me in nightclubs, then their sober friends drag the guy away. It's funniest when they try to push me, I don't move and they fall over. I've not been in a fight in like 20 years, I just exercise coz it helps my brain work good.
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    @atheist I am 90kgs 6’2” I’m so down - kickboxing match, preferably Muay Thai rules
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    @atheist but even with @theKarlisK to help you in the ring 2x1 with the weight advantage, I’ll still break both ur faces
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    @chonky-quiche if I'm allowed to sit on you I think I have a reasonable chance.
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