Today during the daily meeting while debating a huge bug, the intern says "I have an idea". 5 minutes of histerical laughture. 30 minutes later, she fixed It.
Interns day at the office.

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    Never underestimate the intern!!!!!
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    @yarwest Big Up to interns all around the world. I never forget we were all one, once upon a time.
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    No discussions during daily meeting!
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    @musikele : Why ??? It's a meeting.
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    Because it may block the work of developers that do not need to be informed of the bug.
    If you follow an agile methodology you will discover that daily meetings should be only informative; after the meeting you try to solve the problems occurred only with the interested people.
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    @musikele, it's à micro team. Tasks are on TFS up to be grabbed by first available dev. So they are all concerned with features an bugs. But hey, ain't no big deal throwing its own sauce on agile, as long as dev gets done, right ? 😄😉
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    @mrdevman if people work good, ok.
    Ask them if they find this process good or if they would like to change something in order to be more productive. (that's really agile!)
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