*rejected* 不

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    But seriously what is an appropriate answer?
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    Checked the answer on Google ... I am willing to get rejected@arthur23
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    Refactor into more functions
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    @arthur23 The correct answer, assuming the language supports such a pattern, is using promises instead of callback closures.
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    @bittersweet or async await which has broader support across languages.

    You could also use coroutines or generators
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    @Positive07 Python spotted
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    Python, C#, JS and Lua are the languages I have used the most yeah hahaha.

    But I know Java also has async await and Go has goroutines which are coroutines...
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    He's not wrong you know.

    PS: The correct answer is the Promises or the observables.
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    @creator I know @bittersweet is not wrong, you aren't either.

    I was just pointing out some alternatives, since the solution depends on the language and it's features.
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