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    1, but that's not an rant though ;)
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    I thought I was on LinkedIn for a sec…
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    @Redd LinkedIn would have more of that bull the second you scroll
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    Employees stay when they like the job and environment more than the alternatives and can afford to stay.

    I don't need the best pay - just enough for a modest (for someone living in a western industrialized country) lifestyle.

    I mentor myself. The internet provides all the information i need.

    I like a challenge - but also have enough hobbies to not need the job to provide it.

    I don't need promotions - just let me do what i can do best: Developing and maintaining software.

    I always am involved in what i do.

    Not saying no to appreciation - but as a narcist i know that i do good work. Just don't be an ass about bugs. Some will always slip through and they will get fixed as discovered.

    Just treat me like a human.

    Either you convince me, or i will just ignore your stupid deadlines and requirements - either way, i will do my job and you will only prescribe the general direction.

    Not sure what that means.

    You sortof have to trust me anyways - i make your code.
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