!Rant && !Believe what I am seeing 😓

Just downloaded Android studio 3 to give kotlin a go to find out their designer is soooo much better now, I tried editing an activity with constraint layout and many elements inside without a single freez 😨

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    O_o darn
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    Yeah, Android Studio has come a long way. It's SO good now compared to when it first came out.
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    @corscheid yup and luckily they fixed designer issue and I hope they fix the lag of helper menu in kotlin typing x. Takes some time to open.

    I still remember first 0.x version, it was pure hell
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    I also downloaded the 3.0 canary version of the studio and when I tried running a project I was working on at the moment it required I upgrade everything first and then gradle 3.0.1-alpha (which came with the studio) died and I had to go back to my 2.3 version and wait for it to arrive in the stable channel.

    Does anyone know the possible release date for the stable 3.0v ?
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    @gacbl if I'm not mistaken it's the same day Android O will be officially released
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