Going to learn Java all over again because I forgot how to do stuff with it ohhh god.
Well as always the right way is the hard way

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    Good luck in your foobar!
    Protip: if google messes up tabs and spaces, copy your code, search for any language formatter in google, then copy the formatted code, then paste it to your foobar editor.
    Again messed up?
    Only edit the lines that are messed up.
    To do it correctly, remove all tabs in that line, and shift the code by using
    TAB in java
    SPACE in python
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    @CozyPlanes what will happen if time run out ?
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    @CozyPlanes ohh and yeah I found python code but it's always says that it cannot return but that's probably because of the spaces or tabs thank you for the tip
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    @Haxk20 the challenge you are doing is canceled and if you type 'request' you will get another challenge.
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    @CozyPlanes oh good i was voried that i will not longer be avaiable to acess the foobar if its like that then its perfect
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    @Haxk20 maybe they can track you that you are lying in bed browsing devRant and making fun of google by the infamous Google Analytics
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    @CozyPlanes LOOOOOL i dont think so.
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