Office 365 sucks if you want to connect a 3rd party service to your Windows Outlook. Will not read my calendar or let me sync unless I move everything to Outlook.com. No way I'm doing that.

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    @azuredivay Nope. The error I get is an Azure error saying the account isn't "in the tenant". MS support failed to find anyway to get my perfectly valid Office 365 to show up. Have a Windows Outlook calendar stuffed full of events but when I login to Office 365 nothing is there. Was told I would have to change how I use our private domain email and flow through Outlook.com for the 3rd party connection to work.

    Now maybe that's not true, but either way O365 support was useless to solve the problem.
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    Oh yea 365 sucks I hate it I would do everything by hand than use 365
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