Dart Lang
Has anyone ever used dartjs?
Does it worth to learn? Do you think it promises future? It seems to pale in comparison to react but I'm interested in your thoughts.

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    Dart is a language, not a framework.
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    @spongessuck And you pointed that out because?
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    You compared it with react.
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    @spongessuck Ah, excuse my ignorance. There were few tutorials which suggest about transition from react to dart. I am completely uninformed about both of them. I was considering to start react then I found dart. After the suggestions I assumed that I had to choose one of those as the creators were sort of rivals. Both of them were about mainly web components,weren't they? I thought there may have been people who had used either or both of them and I was curious about opinions.
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    You're probably referring to Angular, which has a Dart variant. Most examples and posts about Angular use the typescript libraries, though, so I would stick with those.
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    @spongessuck I'm confident that I meant Dart Lang. I'm fairly knowledgeable about angular.
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