I wish I got paid for making websites but I'm not old enough

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    I started programming when I was 12 and got a small project by 15. One of my friends is currently 15 and works full time. Things maybe different there though.
    It's generally better to try to learn more when you're young and worry about money later on.
    Maybe try working on open source projects.
    There is always time for working sleeping 3 hours a day and not having enough time to scratch your head. Lol.
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    @mpourismaiel lol I'm I was 10 when I started coding its been 2 years now and I know a lot
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    I was trying to guarantee that I would visit a therapist when I got older by playing Max Payne, Resident Evil and Wolfensteine when I was 10. You are two years ahead of me there and much healthier lol
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    @programmingTrtl You're 12?! I feel fucking old now 😫
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