Was recently in a motorcycle accident and haven't been cleared to go back to work yet so I'm trying to build my first Android app.

I don't know Java, XML, kotlin, Android studio, or what the fuck a Gradle is; but I figured I'd take my app idea and download Android studio then try winging everything from there.

Needless to say, I'm having a damn hard time lol. I have been watching firebase tutorials on YouTube to try and figure out how to add authentication to my app. I kinda got it working in the AVD. But my personal Google account has 2FA enabled so I can't seem to get the app to sign me out, or sign me back in. (I was able to authenticate once successfully.)

I have no idea if having 2FA enabled is even the problem. I tried turning on debugging and can't seem to figure out how to actually get the app to debug or get a debug console open.

I seriously feel like the world's biggest n00b right now. Going to go YouTube/Google how to get the debugging working. Then I'm off for a round of learning how to read a debug report!

Hahahaha... Kill me now -_-'

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    Update: installed my app directly on my cell phone for testing and the authentication process works seamlessly.

    Progress! 😂
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    You're just describing a dev's life 😎

    Also welcome to devRant!!!
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