I almost gave up. I allready wrote an email to may boss, to admit my approach doesn't work, that he was right from the beginning, that i can't do it with a brunch of bash scripts, but special software has to be bought. I almost gave up. But then i just googled around a little more and found another approach to solve my problem. And it fucking worked!

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    You sneaky bashtard! ;-)
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    Remember to always keep an open mind and continue learning and exploring new options. Well done!
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    ChatGPT exists too now.

    I use it as last possible option.
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    well done!

    I wonder what was the problem though. In my xp, there's very little bash can't do :)
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    @Grumm came to say this. Chatgpt is the new googling. Only idiots keep relying on stackoverflow posts from 2012 to get their job done
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    @aaronswart You are missing the point. Chatgpt aggregates everything in one place.
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    @Grumm it didn't help me so much.
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    @netikras Simulating hundreds of users using our app at once in a certain way.
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    @aaronswart drop the 25 year old hotshot act
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    @horus ahh, parallel processing :) very doable with bash.

    Though if you are load-testing your app, you may be better off with tools like k6 or the old dinosaur jmeter. FLOSS and ci-friendly[ish]
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    @horus That is the gamble of ChatGPT.

    It can help or it cannot help xD

    Yesterday I got mad at it. it gave me code with an error. Told, what was wrong, but in the new suggestion, some other line was false. Point that out.

    After 5-6 times, the chat just gave up with this line :

    You are correct, I apologize for the confusion. The use of the HashSet looks correct and is placed appropriately before the loop.

    No more suggestions or attempts to show code xD
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