Just a quick question, does anyone actually use Java servlets? My professor says that it is still in active use, but I can't believe that such an asinine system is still in use besides legacy systems.

Not quite a rant, but it does annoy me to no end.

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    The same at my university. One prof told us that nearly all car entertainment systems were programmed using Java EE and servlets. The only exception would be Tesla and Faraday Future.
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    Most atlassian products use servlets, for example. They are really stable and have a great ecosystem, I don't know why you seem to hate them so much.
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    @xxmicloxx they just seem so bulky for some what we have to use it for (simple database connectivity and parsing of data). But it might also be that the Prof is shit at explaining how to use them properly.
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    @xxmicloxx Also, I didn't know atlassian uses Java, that's at least one example of a decent company using servlets
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