Resumes don't mean jack shit!!

I just got off an interview call with a candidate for a hardware role. On paper this guy is absolute gold, having worked for some of the best robotics companies and research groups(in India at least) It took me an hour to realize that the was just spitting out buzz words. So I started asking him some very fundamental questions, like ohms law and such.. high school stuff. But, phrased in real world terms. And it took me another half an hour to realize that the guy is dumber than a sack of peanuts!

I can't believe how easy it is for people to coast by on paths paved by seniors and teammates. By any objective assessment this guy would be lucky to get a job as an electrician and instead I'm wasting my time interviewing him for a six figure salary (well, the Indian equivalent). Gaaah!!

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    Yeah unfortunately everybody thinks resumes are the best way to find good workers, in the IT field that is usually never the case
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    Well it was bad you mentioned Indian can I please know which country do you belong .
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    @g-m-f I meant the 2 nd last line .......
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    @Amitkumar I'm Indian as well. It's not meant as a country specific remark. I'm just trying to set a standard to measure for an audience more familiar with dollars and euros.
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    @theScientist you know those people you can never get a straight answer out of.. they keep going into tangents or asking counter questions. He was one of those. Plus I wanted to give him all the benefit of the doubt since I need this position filled soon, and his resume was amazing.
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    @Dav13 I think you might be over qualified :P
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    I am into robotics and have worked on various projects but still do not find any scope of landing as a robotics engineer anywhere in india

    Could anyone recommend where are robotic skills required
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