Who found out the hard way he is now very intolerant to OTC allergy meds? Me.

Who also terribly suffers from seasonal allergy? Yep. Me.

It's going to be a long summer, coding with migraines, sinusitis, and irritated eyes 😞

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    Try honey from a local beekeeper, so your immune system slowly gets used to pollen from plants in your area. Just a spoon full of honey a day.

    It will not help immediately, it takes a few month to take effect (so it's presumably too late for this season) and it will not fully prevent allergy, but it helps.
    I do this for a few years, so I could reduce the allergy pills to a few weeks around midsummer, instead of full spring/summer/begin of autumn I needed them before.
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    @ddephor Interesting! I believe I read something similar before but didn't bother trying... Now I only have to find a local beekeeper and feed on honey for a few weeks/months 😊
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    It was an advice from a co-worker a few years ago and I thought, why not, let's try it out, there was nothing to lose and likely no side effects. If it hadn't had any effect I would only have spent some money for breakfast components :-)

    In my area you get local honey everywhere, there are many private beekeepers selling their honey for some extra income.
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    I feel your pain. Antihistimines only slightly help me
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