I've got a dev server where I run some test sites in WP using EasyEngine, because I want to get accustomed to WP in Docker.

It asked me to update, and I was like "sure". Now whenever I want to setup a website I get "easyengine couldn't create username"

I figured ok I'll use WordOps, which requires migrating from EasyEngine to it. I was like sure, and next thing I know the "migrated" websites that it was supposed to properly migrate automatically are down, and I can't get an SSL issues for my new site.

All threads on both issues don't help.

It was supposed to be a 5 minute job and it turned into 3 hours trying to troubleshoot. Now I'll spin up a DigitalOcean server and install a quick WP site.

Fuck both EasyEngine and WordOps <3

I thought EasyEngine would be cool but seeing the very limited community activity it's not worth the risk even having it in a dev environment.

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