Sure do we code like that.... xD

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    @53414a414e me too xd
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    I only thought "Oh, we can see videos in devRant now, awesome!" and I tried to click the video just to find out it was an image... ^_^
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    I always get the code projected onto my forehead as well. The video (german youtuber alexibexi) was a nice intro into coding and app developement at first but turned into an apple advertisement really fast.
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    @jobylie yeah I thought the same way while I was watching it. Also I found many aspects were too simplified and he made it look like coding is just like dragging and dropping some blocks with text on them.
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    I'm pretty close...
    Ok, I have daylight at my workplace so I had to invert colors for a cool touch 😆
    And I don't have such a cool beamer to project useless stuff anywhere around the room.
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