After 2 years in a small company as an all around software developer (started with xamarin for Android/iOS, then Unity, then OpenXML, augmented reality, virtual reality and .Net MVC...yeah all that and lots more) I changed to another company and I'm here 1 month and some days. I am super enthusiastic and I like it here!! They're more specific and professional, exactly what I need at the moment.

What is the problem, you might ask?

I was given some projects, I have done most of the work but now an issue arrived. I did almost everything and now we're waiting for some answers needed before closing the projects. And I get bored. I want to work!! I need to continue the streak! Just give me something and I'll make it happen!! I am boreeed!!

What is wrong with me? Am I buggy or something?

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    I feel you, I do think the same when this kind of boredom comes
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    @Artemix I'm trying exactly that! I want to keep walking that path!

    @thepra @demiko I knew I wasn't​ the only one!!
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