Supervisor: Go interview the client for requirements
Client:i want insert,update blablabla and searching,
Me: Delete?
Client:Nope we want store the data blablabla forever..
*after few weeks*
Supervisor:Can i see the progress?
Me: sure
Supervisor: where is the delete function? I want the delete button !!
Me: :/ *why the hell i hav to meet the client if i need to fllow my supervisor requirements*

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    Add an "Archive" button.

    Then Deletion is the higher level choice to delete the archived records and you have the option to Undo.
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    @Wildgoose Thank You !! Btw this is not the first time my supervisor ask me to change eventho my client doesnt ask for the changes..Is this normal? In working life..
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    I have worked in a job where the owner, the project manager and the technical manager had 3 different approaches. The technical manager tried to satisfy both of them and helped somewhat. The owner was seeing the app only once or twice and started yelling *our* mistakes. So...changes. And the project manager had expectations without knowing anything about development or wanting to learn why we didn't meet the time expectations (they were not real of course). So...more changes. The projects took twice or triple time they should. Imagine why. No one even asked us developers our opinion. Ugh. 😑😑😑

    Now I work in a more professional and specific job. We're only on implementing services, backend only and we follow code maintainability principles and following strict API calls.

    So........it depends. It really really is.
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    @lostinmyworld "No one even asked us developers our opinions" 😢😩😢
    I hope one day after i grad i will find better workplace..thanks for sharing the story..this is why i love devrant
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    @asyThebatman Well, I hope you do. In the company I currently am, things seem vanilla.😏😏
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    @asyThebatman I forgot to mention that I got 2 years of work experience from that job so because I endured it I was able to get the next!! So don't lose hope yet.
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