Another shithole agency reached out to me out of the blue 4 weeks after my application.

The senior bro sends me an assignment with 30 requirements to build an app with multiple screens. Ofcourse no design provided and no API provided. Timeline 2 weeks.

Tried ask to expedite the process and reason with him because now Im in other processes where Im expecting an offer next week so I can send him a link to a very similar project I did, he can review and if he wants to I can jump on a technical call and I can answer all questions. Guy ignored the proposal entirely and wants to stick with his stupid timelines and stupid requirements which he wrote probably down while taking a shit with zero research.

Best part is there was no introduction, no discussions about hourly rate or expectations, nothing.

Disorganized shithole. Told them to get their shit together and withdrew my application.

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    Smells like a scam, stay clear
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    @ess3sq Senior bro responded that its he who is stopping the recruitment process because Im rude. Imagine telling a candidate that you are dumping him after he just withdrew his resume. He thinks its he who is dumping me, not the other way around lol. Imagine working with him.

    Yeah maybe I came across as rude because I have another offer on the table and I dont have yet another month of time to play his stupid games.

    Best part was that 2 weeks after my direct application some external recruiter contacted me to the very same position and tried to lowball me with 40-50 percent lower rate. Imagine getting your rate cut just because someone forwarded your CV lol.

    Definetly not a scam, but it seems to me that their recruitment process is left in some incompetent dinosaur dev hands who is afraid of having a technical call or even use his profile pic in his email or linkedin. Im not a mind reader but judging from the way he handled everything hes definetly a fucking weirdo for sure.
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    @topsecret230 wow! You gave them the truth and they couldn't handle it πŸ˜‚. Guess it's not your problem anymore πŸΈβ˜•
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