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    @lostinmyworld too many people doesn't care about they privacy. They don't take it seriously.
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    @Artemix that's a hell of a explanation. Thank you
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    @demiko it's not that you should care about your privacy, it's about them not having access to it. That's the definition of privacy.

    The default option should be to not have access to anyone's any private information!!

    @Artemix I got to your profile to subscribe to you after your explanation but I was already subscribed. Way to go, girl!
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    That`s golden xD
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    @demiko there is no true privacy, true. But that does not mean we should toss around those principles and laws about privacy and sensitive information. Right?
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    @demiko Please, you need to think again. This is some serious shit. You wouldn't want a stalker following you at every corner, right? But just because you're too ignorant to see it/acknowledge it on the internet. It's suddenly okay that all these big corporations collect all your data. And your most of all the privacy ignorant people argue that it's convenient. It's fucking convenient to hand over ALL your personal/confidential information to some stranger. But you wouldn't want that would you? No you wouldn't, because that's your fucking PRIVACY!! And think about all that data that gets stored about you, what if all that gets hacked. Your whole life, in the hands of someone else. Someone whose even less trustworthy. Now there is a really simple solution to all of this. To read up on privacy. Tor i2p and lots of blogger and shit like that have excellent guides and informative pages in order to make you understand the issue of privacy on the internet.
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    @demiko oops missed the continued conversation. At least hope you understand.
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    @demiko just give you perspective on what kind of data companies have access to.

    Your mobile carrier stores all your texts, record your calls, including metadata of these.

    If you use an Android phone Google also knows a great deal about you. Locations you visit, passwords of all wifis you have connected to, if you have enabled cloud backup(which is on by default in most phones) then all your app data, photos, videos, contacts, messages etc.

    Any internet service that you use will store respective data. E.g all your chats on Facebook are stored.

    Google also has all your mails + calendar data if you use gmail.

    And including all your searches, Google creates a profile of you and then use that profile to show you targeted ads. That's their business.

    And with all these companies using whatever the latest fad (read ML), and mining these huge amount of data to find more patterns/information, they can have a very clear picture of your entire life, professional and personal, up close.
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    And not only that, these companies are subjected to submit whatever data the authorities demand. It could be the local police, the intelligence dept., or a local political leader, demanding some data of yours from some company.

    This is not a comfortable thought, is it?
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    Got engaged by the comments, just gonna shoot an illustration into the mix. If you're going to throw away privacy that includes having the camera on your phone always online - which someone (or everyone) can access at all times and look at just like an IP camera. Imagine your whole house having glass walls that all sounds pass through which can be recorded and brought back at any time in your life, not so funny when you got the running shits.

    Another thought that terrifies me is that suddenly something you can joke with a good friend about has to be avoided because you can be misunderstood and you can end up being prosecuted. No privacy means everyone can know everything you say and do, both in the past and present. Free to interpret it any way they want even if they know you or not.
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    Worth it
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    Google ad engine stores my searches
    That is why I get porn 👊💨ads as pop up!
    So sad , I even search 4 Linux 🐧 stuff but I get no such ads!
    Sorry but I guess we all need privacy 🛅, when we get porn ads over Linux stuff!
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    @sak96 I recommend duckduckgo.com
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    You are recommending me, my homepage
    Shifted like 1 year, but thanks!
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    @Artemix Truly everything I ever feared. And people don't even know/care about it. Global oppression is already here.
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