Wtf is ux researcher or design thinkers etc? Seems like bs jobs to me. Why not hire good frontend devs who has a good understanding of ux/ui?

Companies please pay devs well instead of wasting money on these bs roles and positions.

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    well, there's only so much buzzword bullshit bingo you can make up to fill middle management positions.
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    @tosensei yeahh!! These women (yes most of these positions are filled by women) do nothing all day , just attend meetings and take home nice money whereas we devs keep slogging all day
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    @svartblod guess it's primarily women because men that are incapable of any higher intellectual tasks usually go work in a coal mine, or construction, or drive trucks. (which is NOT to downtalk any of those jobs. except for coal miners, they're very important and valuable.)
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    @tosensei hey coal miners work very hard too :D , and that job is very risky as well
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    @svartblod yeah, but it's 2023. nobody needs coal.
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    When you have a small dev team it can be nice to have a UX designer there to talk with the product team for hours about the right wording for a button.
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    @tosensei you have a point :D
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