I bet that all web devs can confirm this.
-You spend hours writing the code, and then open it on google chrome but nothing works :-( so you try to fix it spending another hour and at the end of the day you think: "let me try with firefox" and magically everything works percectly. And after all this there is only one thing to do and is 'sudo apt purge google-chrome' LOL

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    @Letmecode Chrome is the opposite of spyware. It's as minimalistic as it gets and clearing cache is as easy as ticking a checkbox in the developer console.
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    @Letmecode If non devs need to ignore cache (for some reason) they press shift + f5 :)
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    @Letmecode if you have your developer tools open in chrome, you can long click the reload button to quickly delete the cache
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    I'm not web dev, but doesn't CTRL F5 work?
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    @Letmecode Go to the setting of Dev tools and disable cache (this always disable the cache when Dev tools are open)
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