I should start designing websites

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    Ok - why?
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    Loved the code rabbit, btw.
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    AI concerns or something else? Tbf designer salaries are pretty damn high
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    @pandasama just felt like I have good ideas that’s all
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    @K-ASS go for it, make templates, sell online, profit???
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    Sure, I'd be happy to ask k-ass a series of questions to determine whether he should start designing websites.

    1. Have you ever designed a website before?
    2. What skills or experience do you have in website design or development?
    3. Are you familiar with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript?
    4. Are you comfortable with using website design software, such as Adobe Photoshop or Adobe XD?
    5. What kind of websites would you be interested in designing?
    6. Are you willing to learn and continue to develop your skills in website design?
    7. What would be your approach to designing a website for a client?
    8. Have you done research into the current website design trends and best practices?
    9. Are you aware of the importance of website usability and user experience?
    10. Do you have any examples of websites that you have designed or worked on before?
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