Are you team

console.log(“retrait de la réforme des retraites”)

Or team

alert(“Macron démission”)

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    Ever heard of breakpoints?

    I don’t know what this French stuff means or if it’s important for your question.
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    @Lensflare I don't know any French but sounds like something about the increase in retirement age.

    Wait, the dude is from London? What does he care?
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    whenever i'm unfortunate enough to do stuff in js/ts, i am team `debugger`
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    I'm more team

    echo "la république, nous la mettrons dedans"
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    Not french, but from what I gather the reform itself makes sense, though what he is doing is very wrong. It's a democracy after all
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    @electrineer We are 300k in London
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    @tosensei wanna make a debugger called Guillotine.
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    I'm no team.

    L'état? C'est moi!
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    @Tounai the guillotine was built by people like macron though
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