"Debugging is similar to being a detective in a murder mystery when you are also the killer and are unsure of whether you are resolving the case or hiding your traces!!".

But seriously, why does debugging have to be so challenging at times? It appears as though the code is attempting to trick us in some way. And let's not even talk about those mysterious error messages that have no meaning at all. Is a bit more explanation necessary, code? Give us a break, please!

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    I don't which language you are working in, but a good - clue's in the name, of course - debugger will allow you to see the values of variables, set interrupt points (even conditional interrupt points) and step one line at a time. Installing one is a game changer; makes the process much quicker and, dare I say it, actually fun.
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    Debugging is only challenging when you can‘t observe the state of the running program. Which is very rare. And for obvious reasons, if you can‘t see what‘s happening, it‘s hard to figure out what causes the bug.
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