So, I was able to hack into a local business (legally) in under two minutes today... great and scary right? Get this, it was from my iPhone. All switches were still the default username and password... after seeing that they didn't think anything was wrong and didn't sign the contract... imagine what I could have done with my laptop and my PWNtools...

Fuck it, more (l)user data for me to log.😏

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    Keylogger just for fun (:
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    lol I'm thinking about using their processing power to mine some cryptocurrency. They obviously have no use for what they're sitting on... >.<

    Walked into that place with high expectations, left with thoughts and ideas for such an insecure establishment lol...
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    @AnonyOps you sir will be the next Kevin mitnick xD
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    Lol oh if only one day...

    Time for bed, another day of this shit tomorrow.

    Take care!
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    I did leave a little treat, their fax machine is now displaying a different name when they send out. XD couldn't help it.
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