Fuck wordpress themes without documentation.
(Fuck wordpress alltogether but hey when it's mandatory it's mandatory)

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    Or when all the docs have in them is where to click in the menu to setup things
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    It's sometime easier to start from scratch and do your own "theme" (which really is your company code inside a non-reusable theme).

    That way, you won't have to debug the them in addition to your customization.

    Only works if there is a graphic designer that design every single page though. It's a lot of work, but can be beautiful, won't give a "Made with Wordpress" look, and can be super fast.
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    WordPress is fine. It's the people who install ThemeForest themes and a bunch of plugins and call themselves developers who are the problem.
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    If the client wants a website and pays much and WordPress does the job, why wouldn't I use WordPress and get it done in a day? Why should I develop it aaaaall they way from scratch ?
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    It's always better to create your own Wordpress theme, so you don't have hundreds of preinstalled plugins that slow your website down 😉
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    @the0ne25 You should keep any custom functionality out of your theme though
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