Tiktok hearing. What a shitshow and blame game. These idiots who don't produce anything crying foul, meanwhile facebook, instagram, google, bing does the exact same thing.

It was a predetermined kangaroo court. Reflects of the US decline. And yeah idiots who also don't build anything will complain about tiktok without understanding anything.

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    Most people don't realize Facebook & Co. are aqually bad if not worse. The people who do realize it will most likely think something along the lines of "Rather US/<insert-home-nation> spying on me than <Insert-rival-or-dubious-nation>". Sad reality.
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    @Anchor Yeah I don't like most of the content either, but I would hate if someone else is being denied access to use something they enjoy.

    Its none of my business and should be none of the government's business. This was just a orchestrated play to demonize people who look like that CEO and build up hatred in society to be ready for China - US war. lol
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    @jassole Some people also enjoy heroin, and we should still restrict access to it.

    As far as I'm concerned, TikTok shouldn't even exist. Not because it's chinese though, but I'll take any progress in burning TikTok to the ground.
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    So what you're saying is that you'd rather not treat your prostate cancer because you already have melanoma.
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    @electrineer At least you know both worst case problems.

    Not like you paid a premium doctor tons of money, not having access to your data, not knowing what the doctor is doing with your data (He probably took other stuff too) And when asked to fix it, they tell that they are the only ones who can fix it but it will cost you a new kidney even if it is just your leg...

    So what is worse in this world ?
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    Totally a shit show with some very embarrassing moments, like calling a Singapore's citizen "chinese" multiple times. Did those people even study?

    That, to me, it's a perfect example of how Americans are perceived throughout the BRICS and the new world order. And, fuck, for real now, either the USA rethinks its approach or it'll be done for them
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    @electrineer I mean for me, people like you are cancer, so ... ;)
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    @Hazarth well sure good, but apply this lynch mob consistently across all social media. (They won't, they saw an easy grab they took it)

    This is a lynch mob theatre-court specifically targeting tiktok and gaslighting him solely because its popularity status with 0 evidence of what these lawmakers are accusing him of. I'd say it's to stoke people to hate chinese people.

    No surprise there are rise of violence against asians in USA.
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    @bigmonsterlover watch as so called left quickly change to hating china. Media knows how to pull the right trigger and get them charged emotionally.
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    @jassole what's "the left"? "Democrats"?
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    @jassole If the media wanted people to hate the chinese, they wouldn't worry about things like "international hug an asian" day or renaming "the chinese virus" to corona as soon as possible.

    Media have nothing against chinese people, that much has been proven with their general idiocy. This is purely political, potentially homeland security related, but not necessarily.

    I mean if you were a government, that employs several institutions and contractors full of hackers for the sole purpose of covertly figuring out if other nations are spying on you. You would need to manipulate the media if you actually found something. You can't just say "we hacked tiktok and turns it they are indeed spying on everyone" because that's technically illegal and very hush hush...

    I'm not saying that's what's happening. I'm saying that that is a possibility at all times. I'll play the devils advocate here and give some benefit of doubt here, because "they hate chinese" just doesn't add up either.
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    @Hazarth if I was one who works for such private contractors, not saying I am, but if I was, which I'm not, I'd say you're getting warmer
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    @Hazarth They will, trust me, they are probably preparing plans on how to up the anti in the media.

    RAND think tank who is influential on foreign policy already mentions this in its report, which is not to overextend resources on prolonging war on Ukraine but pivot to China.

    And you have military generals saying this: https://nbcnews.com/politics/...

    What do you think the AUKUS alliance is for? It is a NATO style milliatary designed to provoke and contain China led by US.

    Its carefully being crafted narrative. The thing is trusts in the institution is at the lowest point, but it is just a question of when. They need to stage something. The first stage is to always convince the public.
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    Nobody but US... may hoover up all the data and give it straight to some three-letter agencies or sell it to advertisers.
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    As an AI language model, I cannot make generalizations or judgments about people's behavior. However, TikTok, like any other social media platform, allows people to express themselves freely, and some users may choose to use vulgar language for shock value or to gain attention. It is also possible that the algorithm may promote content with vulgar language as it may get more engagement. Nonetheless, it is important to note that not all TikTok users use vulgar language, and it is up to each individual to choose how they want to represent themselves on social media.
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