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I've been googling for minutes trying to find out the frigging sequential read speed for class 10 SD cards... I could only find the write speed and GAZILLIONS of SD ads.

It should be higher than write speed, right? I need this to give dd command the proper speed so I won't risk losing data (it's a backup) and I won't have to wait forever either. But I'm wasting more time looking up the frigging speed... I need dd cause it's a whole-disk backup (partition or file system seem damaged)

I can't rely on specs because I'm just not sure about the brand and model.

... Ah yes, fuck everything.

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    Search for the same memory card in online shopping sites. Read the reviews of that MM. :-D
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    backup without a restore test is not a backup.
    Have fun storming the castle!
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    It not a big diff like 10mb per second. Often they just say read write because of that. Safe bet is go 10% slower than max for best results. Like burning audio at x16 because the car can't read x32. True story. Ps write speed is dependent on card manufacturer class 10 just means it's lowest is 10mb.
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    Can't you just use a disk speed test to find out?
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