FML, I hate projects where managers (and other developers, too!) irrationally think that the only thing to do in the codebase is delivering new features and fulfilling change requests.

After 5 years of such approach, the code is bloated, and has hack-on-hack done against the original architecture, and management complains on the time to delivery a change, however asking them to get some time to "refactor" meets a deny every single fucking time because "we don't have budget".

Decided to leave the team. Any reason to stay there longer?

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    Good decision. 5 years of that shit sound like no fun
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    @tonypolik didn't mention I am there only 12 months.
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    Nah I get it. Working in such a mess of a project will only wear you down psychologically. If you can, run
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    The secret is to include refactoring time into each feature. Bean counters don’t have the mental capability to understand anything more complex than basic math.
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    if you can affort to switch places, do.

    working in a low quality environment hurts your skillset and therefore your relevance on the market (in the long run).
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    So everyone advices instead of fixing problem to run a way from it?
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    You gotta remember that it’s a job. And you only got a limited 8 hours a day which somehow you gotta do work which gets you the most street cred. What’s going to get you promoted: doing boring maintenance stuff or shiny new feature to wow the customer.
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