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    You need a website! Why not...

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    "You can make someone else's website with very minor differences"
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    Use Jekyll and github pages it's much better
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    Care to explain why it's shit? I mean I know it's shit, I just don't know why, I never had to use it.
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    @Fradow It's killing Web Dev jobs... (The lower end ones), and top most annoying thing is their YouTube ads... And since I'm a Web Developer, My goddd, I see that shit all the time.
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    Every second freaking add... "You need a website!"

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    I 100% agree. And the annoying thing about their fucking ads is that they try to advertise that you are "creating" "your" own website. I put those in quotes because of how bs that statement was. First off, you just drag and drop, you're not creating anything. Secondly, you don't own anything. If they shut down, your site shuts down. You can't claim the code. I won't lie, I used to use Wix when I started programming. It was not a great experience. Everything was very limited. It felt like I was trapped inside a box. It was horrible.
    Another reason why it's shit is that it makes noobs think they are programmers. Wix is only good for people like models, photographers (debatable), etc. I despise CMS's because they are restrictive, have too much shit that you most likely would not know about/use. You only know what they want you to know (unless you download the source and go through every file possible).
    It's better to hard code everything yourself because you actually know what's going on.
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    @Tasperen You are my bro.... I know that feeling...
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    Why Wix is shit.


    They cant play video on mobile. Only works on desktop.


    How stupid are these people. I mean seriously.

    And thats just one of the stupid things they cant do
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