Flexible office working hours is a blessing!

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    As someone who started at 7am and is knocking off at 1pm to enjoy the sunshine (for all the three days that it lasts here in the UK) I couldn't agree more!
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    Totally. For me it really sucks to work after noon.. Feels so lazy during that time. @Lukey
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    Along with the ability to work from home/park/café is the best!
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    For me it just means I can go to gym, do some chores, and still have some of the afternoon to myself as well
    The freedom is brilliant for sure, and I'm still getting in the same 40 hours @saad
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    That's great. You can live a very active life. Once you have to work until 5 or 6, you don't have any time for doing anything else @Lukey
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    Yes exactly! I think as a programmer we should be given this freedom to get better output from us :D@jimbart098
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    Sadly - at least in my country - the average meaning of flexible has shifted towards the "You have to overdue without compensation and we can call you on your weekends if we see fit".
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