I want to be an ethical hacker where to start?

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    Try to hack devRant ;-)
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    I want to learn hacking*
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    Hacking is bad, don't hack NSA
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    Install Kali Linux and boom, super hacker /s
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    There are so many resources available on the internet. Start with any online course. Then you can go with the "Web Hacking 101" book, it's a great book for beginners.
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    Give me you IP, and physical address so I can send you all you need to know to hack everything.

    PS. I'm very real.

    PPS. I'm not FBI or NSA.
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    Psst, we have an internship offer for you.

    Please share your following details and we'll get back to you

    Thank you for Cooperating, have a nice day :)
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    @notNSA do you still need those details ?
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    Meme Lord,
    69 Fagway View, Engwater
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    Are you a Kali Linux user
    If yes then we need h4x0rs like you
    Please send your aforementioned details

    Have a nice day :)
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    @DirtyBit the email address has got me remembering of the concentration camps, god what a horrible to be living in, thank God I survived that.
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    @sam9669 Hitler's killer is my hero
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    @DirtyBit wait Hitler committed suicide, so you are calling Hitler a hero implicitly ?
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    @sam9669 no man, his killer
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    Become a good coder, administrate a Webserver for some time, develop websites and a feeling for possible vulnerabilities comes on its own. Then, when you've got a feeling for it, understand network protocols and how shit works client and server side you can start thinking about attack vectors and read up on big vulnerabilities in the past and how to exploit certain common problems.

    Hacking isn't a skill on it's own, it's just a lot of experience in fucking shit up projected onto others.
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    @Waqas he was just kidding XD.
    Don't ever give your personal information to strangers.
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    @solooo7 HAHA I ain't afraid of being hacked cause i ain't even have a life tho😭
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    @notNSA deleted bro on a serious i'm tired of my life😪
    i missed a exam so i'm not going to be graduated this smester as my fellas...i really need to learn some good skills as a programmer to get a job idk what to do😭
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