O'joy has come, it is time to make the best if/switch statement...

Worst part I can't see a pattern in this, so I have to hardcode all this shit.
Even worser part, it has to be updated yearly... woop w00p

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    After some digging, I probably don't need an if/ a switch statement. JSON might be my saviour
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    @runfrodorun how easy wouldn't that be... except that I were given a png
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    @ChainsawBaby once your type monkey is done. Then do as @runfrodorun says
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    @ChainsawBaby That table in png format?! What a twist!
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    @edwrodrig yuuup, even better... It was embedded in a docx :')
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    @runfrodorun @penderis I ranted about this in an IRC channel, went in a meeting. When I got back someone had done it for me. Nice to have friends at times
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    @ChainsawBaby can't just request the actual file it came from? Sure it their system they just need to stop being dumb fucks and do things correctly?
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    @penderis I sent an email to the client, asking for both the original file and the original formula to calculate this.

    How fun that the person in charge of this part of the project went on vacation yesterday.
    Good thing I have lots of other parts to this project I can work on meanwhile, I brought a fork so I can work through this spaghetti code faster (not my project originally, I was given it)
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    @ChainsawBaby do not work this from the pgn, you will be setting an expectation, one where you do not need the actual file an formula.

    Make then give you the information, I repeat, do not work this out from the png.
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