Done is better than perfect!

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    What does it mean by "build something for the long term"?
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    @psfr937 probably something like build the project with "import *" for everything is included thus prepared for future.
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    All these startups misinterpreting this advice sadly leads to a whole bunch of failure.

    I hear these quotes like "do the easiest stuff first" and "done is better than perfect" daily, but the reality is that designing hard stuff on the drawing board first actually saves you a lot of headaches.

    Those "quick wins" you push to production causes debt, which often comes at high interest.

    "old tech" failed because teams consisted of slow perfectionist devs working from 500 page pdf specs and UML diagrams drafted after weeks of meetings.

    But "new tech" often fails because they take infrastructure, optimizing and algorithm design not seriously enough, where spaghetti code eventually causes innovation to grind to a halt.

    There is a golden road somewhere in the middle I guess.
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    @bittersweet Yeah, I'm pushing for months now for a work flow of "sketch it up first, type it later" because I'm getting tired of methods that basically scream "I didn't plan for this" which usually end in me rejecting the merge request, them complaining that they can't get done, me and my boss arguing because of their complaints and me being pissed. Seriously, I'm the last one to say anything against trial and error code but one should have at least some idea what to do before starting to do it.
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    Why the hell is "hack on" the last step, that's my first step always
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    @jpichardo that reminds me. I need to visit FOSS/L
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    @JsonC11 yeah dude you have been away some time 😉
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