i think i will start a thread of my rants against the new mnc laggards that i am supposed to join.

me vs my new job : part 4/n
so today is 29th, and after going through a major EXHAUSTING paperwork for the last 2 days (which included e-signing of papers from a literal govt portal that was down 90% time and i had to manually do polling on it to get it to work), i finally have the onboarding papers ready and i headed to office for laptop collection.

i was told that today the only formality that will happen is the laptop collection, so i scheduled all my personal stuff accordingly and planned to just goto the office, take the laptop and come back home. hardly a work of 3 hours, lets get it done by 11 am.

how the fuck did i forget that this is a sloth company :/

- i reached office at 10, and my spoc was not picking up the phone.
- after multiple tries, he picked up and told me that he is on leave and gave me the number of another.
- the other guy was not picking up, so i called him back. he said that the guy will start his shift at 11, so call him after 11 (?)
- i ended the call and bashed straight into office. asked someone where he sits, went there, and his mates told me that another guy was supposed to attend to me (hopefully i got saved by another redirect, once that guy had picked up his phone)
- what's more, the other guy told me that he had mailed my HR that i should be coming at 2 pm to recieve laptop(!?!) and laptop will not be ready before that.
- my hr fucking didn't tell me this and now its 11.15 and i am sitting in the lobby waiting for my laptop with no food, water or shit inside of me :/

with fuckery like this, I will either surrender and become one of the laggard like them, or become a rebel, just do my work and shit on their timings and redirects, and soon leave for a better shit :/

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    assholes don't even wanna onboard a guy they spent so much time and efforts on
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