Internship is just a cover name for slave work on 21st century

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    I agree that internships should be paid. But obviously no one here has been a slave. (Real slavery still exists by the way)
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    Meh I don't know ...where I work interns are paid...125% or more minimum wage since internships are 20hours/week and most of them are students whom are still supported by their parents...I got in here as a fulltime permanent employee , so this is all what I heard while talking to guys whom were interns and finished uni the same year with(supposedly) me . They aren't bothered much if they don't want to do something but if they want they get most of my colleagues support and attention . I'm a special case inside the development zone , more of a dedeveloper to say so , and I'm really happy for it , the internship for this is hacking yourself and your neighbours wifi :))
    Edit : I just remembered that one of the interns is an ex-uni female colleague of mine , all she does is talk to her bf on the phone and initiate TRUE random discussions with everyone . Dunno if that is slavery or not...
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