My father recieved 150 grands of inheritance. Immediately put the whole of it into the stock market - that went down right away.

You could have kept a bit of it to lend me ffs, I was trying to launch my own agency and have no income. Asshole.

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    If you wait long enough, it may get back up again.
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    @happygimp0 I needed help now... he can go fuck himself
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    His money. His decisions.
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    so how is the dodgecoin going
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    @netikras sure. He doesn't owe me anything.

    I don't either though. He left me in shit, he can die alone with his money :)
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    @netikras what a sense of family duty, it's amazing /s
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    @netikras also it's not "his" money, he did fuckall for it.
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    @ostream I know you're pissed. But you should not feel entitled to the goods if you haven't earned them.

    Sure, it would've be nice of him to share. But if it's his money, he's not obliged to anything but taxes.
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    @netikras sorry for being aggressive. I'm scared and yes I feel backstabbed.

    That's my point though. I was expecting support from him knowing that he didn't earn this money either, it's inheritance.
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