I just changed a bunch of comments, log entries, and removed some blank lines from one of my controllers. Zero functional code changes. Everything worked before; now it runs only half the code, breaks, and throws strange errors.

Fucking hell.
Screw today.

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    I am gonna guess you accidentally commented/uncommended some of the code.
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    I unnested an if (there were two checks that set flags; the inner had no reason to be nested), and it exposed a bug elsewhere in the code.

    If (not file x exists) {
    Set validation.x.missing
    If (not file y exists) {
    Set validation.y.missing
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    If it works don't fix it
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    I finally figured it out!
    It was a capital V instead of a lowercase v. (and with my editor font, the difference between the two is very small.)


    It was this line right here:

    Several weeks ago when I coded this, i likely used autocomplete on "vali", and it autocompleted to "Validation" -- from one of my comments. The actual object is lowercase, meaning this line passed `undefined` to my logger... which apparently the logger can't handle. That value silently broke all subsequent logging from that controller, and also stopped code execution while the logging helper was waiting for the dead ipc call to finish.

    yeesh. one freaking character!
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    May I speak to you about or lord and savior, TypeScript?
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    @hawkes Inherited project.
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