There is lot of talk about companies going for a 50:50 ratio of males and females and lot of discussion about guys being rejected from a company in favor of womans

Honestly i prefer picking the one for the job by skills

Would not mind more females on this industry tho

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    Careful now, this is the current year, you will definitely offend a feminist
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    The point of the goal is to get enough women into the business to get young girls to consider it.

    Many women don't even try because its so man dominated.

    And also, in some countries there are either regulations or contractual obligations, for example in government contracts, that you have a more even mix.

    But yes, skill should be the primary criteria.
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    I'd say no, skill is not the most important, the most important is what value you can add to the business.

    If there is a lack of social interactions and you think that more women would change things perhaps that's more value than pure code.

    Let's pretend that the better workplace the more people are going to enjoy working there and don't quit.

    In that case you might just made your top 10 employees stay for another year by hiring a woman.
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    @iesus good point
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    @Letmecode you mean offending?
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    I would hate it, if i would be the female for the quotes. Skill and how much a Person fits into the Team should be the one and only Arguments for getting a job or not. The problem why some prefer males over females is the babystuff, if you got a female teamleader and then she get a baby nobody wants to risk missing a teamlead for a year. I can totally understand that point.
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    @Salmakis True in some cases, but it's not fair to generalise. Not all women have or want children. Not all women can have children. Not all women take a lot of time off.
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    @d4ng3r0u5 and some men actually stay home with children ;)
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    More girl power in tech industry is what most programmers dream of.

    It is so difficult to find a programmer girlfriend
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    @ClemFrieckie Every word you said is true
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    If we lived in a perfect world where people were, indeed, hired purely on their skills, then we wouldn't need gender ratio quotas.

    The reason they exist is because trying to catch a hiring manager who doesn't hire fairly is a very hard thing to do. There were three female two male applicants, and a male was hired. Was the hiring manager being discriminatory? Prove it.

    So... Instead of reviewing and cross referencing every hiring manager and every employee they hired to validate their integrity... Just make the choice a simple number that anyone can look up.
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    @ClemFrieckie A-Fucking-men. Everything you said is spot on. This whole idea of quotas and diversity in workplace is plain stupid and is adding unnecessary complexity to the lives of everyone. Why would I hire someone who doesn't have the right skills just to look good in diversity reports (another stupid thing)?. I don't care what you think you are, do the job or get out. Of course people like us have been called racists and bigots for a long time now but we just don't give a fuck anymore.
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    One other fact on this is that men do not listen well to the tone of women's voices. You hear it, but do not process it as well as the tone of a man's voice. The biggest piece of advice I've heard from women high up on the tech food chain is to lower the tone of your voice so that your ideas actually get listened to. Otherwise people hear your words but don't really process them. It's one of the many effects of the boys club, and one of the many subtle changes tech women have to make to enter and be successful in the industry.
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    @frogkid33 oh the humanity... that is so oppressive and bad, it is like living with Saddam Hussain.
    You know, everyone in the work force must make some changes to keep their jobs. That is NOT an argument.
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    It's an argument as to why women with skills aren't getting hired as much as men with skills. I'm just saying there's a lot more going on than simply women don't have the same skills. I don't think there should be a hiring quota but this is a subtle discrimination that needs to be taken into account. @MrCSharp
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    @MrCSharp please go on and tell me what change all the men in the tech work force have to make
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    @frogkid33 i think you are having a hard time today. no one argued that women have no skills in IT. I work with a very talented female lead dev. funny how you are the one who said they don't have skills. everyone make changes to how they talk, behave, work, and many other small things so they can work with the team and get the job done. If someone is not going into a certain industry because they have to change their tone or other silly reasons like that, then maybe they are NOT fit to be in that industry. Quotas are stupid, and skills and merit is what should get you hired, nothing else. if you have a problem with that then you crossing the line into discrimination based on gender.
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    10 points to whoever can find where I wrote the following:

    A) women do not have skills
    B) I think there should be a gender quota

    @MrCSharp do you read what I write differently because I'm a woman, or do you read everyone's comments with a grain of salt. Either way I guess I'd agree with you that everyone needs to change little things like learn to listen and read to work with a team.
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    @frogkid33 ah there it is, the accusation that I am treating you differently because you are a woman. i didn't even know you are a woman. A) is actually in your previous comment. B) I didn't disagree with you on the fact that quotas are bad.

    I think this whole conversation here is about how bad it is to force such quotas and that hiring should be based on skills, merits, and team compatibility. this doesn't mean women can't code, it only means that you wont get hired as a programmer (or any other IT position) JUST because you are a woman. Now if you disagree with that last statement, then there is no point in continuing this discussion.
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    @MrCSharp if you read the comments it's in the hiring process a woman gets turned down for a lot more than skills. My comment being that many women with skills get turned down. I agree hiring should be skill based. But right now it isn't purely so.
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    Again I don't want quotas. That's not a fix, and of course there are no statistics. But from my own experience on at least the tone piece, I cannot tell you how many of my ideas were brushed off only to be repeated by a male member of the team minutes later and met with approval. After lowering my tone my ideas are actually listened to and given merit when deserved. @ClemFrieckie
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    I've never understood this idea with hiring. By enforcing these requirements, you're factoring gender into the hiring process, which is inherently sexist.

    I'm all for a female doing the same job as me. But I would be pissed if I lost a job opportunity because someone less qualified let's them hit their "fairness" quota.
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    50/50? Pure fantasy. Every company I've ever worked for is basically like this. Sausage fest, every single day of the week.
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    @Letmecode OMG, that's hilarious!
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    @frogkid33 dude, I'm sorry, but by the way you explained it at least, your voice argument is just total bs.

    All other things being equal, women with competent skills in this field get hired just as much as men, if not statistically significantly more. The only real difference between the two genders, in IT at least, is that women tend to be less interested in computer science (similarly to how Caucasians tend to be less interested in basketball), which isn't really a problem in the first place unless there is some objective reason why women are better programmers than men.
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    @d4ng3r0u5 @Voxera @Salmakis
    Biological differences should not make a difference. Unless it is proven the candidate is biologically stupid or incapable of doing the job.

    Besides, there are countries where all persons involved on making the baby get the same amount of parental leave. But the market is still dominated by males.

    That should say something about choice, individuals will choose what they do irrespective of what the stupid govt regulations are.
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