Uncle: I need a app for my company.

Me: Sure. What for?

Uncle: Managing my employees on the fly.

Me: So you need a backend, server cost around 20$ month.

Uncle: hmm ok I talk to you next time.

This happens literally with everyone that asks me for a App :/

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    Unless you're in the industry you've no idea what it takes to run a system. You just think it needs a computer/phone.
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    How to avoid these kind of situation(s):
    Uncle : Can you make me an app for managing my employees on the fly?
    Me: NOPE.

    * 5 minutes of akward silence*

    *Moving on with my work*
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    The problem with people is that they won't pay for stuff they can't touch somehow ....it's 2017 motherfuckers
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    Always ask:" What's your budget? " before even they get into explaining the idea.
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    He's worried about the 20$ server cost, just wait till you tell him about the development cost ;)
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    @rusty-hacker Came to my mind right away haha
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    @deadpool88 this is probably the best advice
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    It's "an App" not "a App"

    ++ for the good rant.
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    Where do you come up with costs like 20$ per month for servers?
    OpenShift from RedHat provides a lot of free PaaS options.
    Scaleway provides cheap VPS on ARM64 or x86 architecture.
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    And thats why theres a market for backend databases like parse and firebase
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    @apisarenco I know that there are billions of offers and providers.
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    Vpsdime $7 vps 4 cpus 6 gb ram and 30 gb ssd
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