Goes to my comment on on of the rants to "Why linux cannot AVER be used by a normal user"

I'm pretty good with techs, OS, dev etc.

But here you go, a random error message which tells me nothing (Absolutelly nothing) and no way to fix it. No way to fix it, not even a hint where to look for solution, outside google. Sure, It took me around 5 minutes to find the problem googeling and copy/pasting some bash commands, but next time it happens and I don't have internet ? Well fucked.

This shit never happens on Wiondows or MacOs :) And that's why these 2 will always be user firendly ans linux will never be.

That's why linux will never be used by normal humains.

You 100% linux addict will point out directlly 'TYeah yours repos sources are fuckied" or whatever, but it IS NOT to user to know how sources, packages etc work. I want just update my system, if one source is not found, ignotre it by default ! How hrd is that ?

Error message in question :

E: The repository 'https://ppa.launchpadcontent.net/tr... jammy Release' does not have a Release file.
N: Updating from such a repository can't be done securely, and is therefore disabled by default.
N: See apt-secure(8) manpage for repository creation and user configuration details.

Thanks for assisting to my ted talk.

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    In my opinion it's a great error message. For me it was always windows software giving some error number with no reason.
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    @retoor I value that and may be i'm too bad at reading messages.

    Let's go line by line and i'll tell what it represents for me :

    E: The repository 'https://ppa.launchpadcontent.net/tr... jammy Release' does not have a Release file.

    For me : Can't connect to a server or whatever. No idea what "release" whatever means (Trully, I don't have a single idfea how Ubuntu packages work, And I shouldn't as a simple USER of the system). So utility of message : Low. It provided me with 'Something is wroing with <URL>.

    N: Updating from such a repository can't be done securely, and is therefore disabled by default.

    Bla bla bl;a, TL;DR. No usefull information on how fix the problem.

    N: See apt-secure(8) manpage for repository creation and user configuration details.

    Bla bla bla, no links, no guiding help, nothing o do here. "manpages" ? Rofl, noone reads manpages. I need a well structured doc or a video.

    So I don't see how this error message could help anyone..like ever
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    In the mean time in Windows:
    Silent crash of GUI (or BSOD)

    In other cases:
    "Ops, something went wrong. Would you like to send report about it to Microsoft?"
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    @darkwind TRUE !

    But how many times a month you have this problem ?

    Me personally I have blue screen around once per month. (And I blame my self... I switched to AMD... On Intell+nVidia before BSOD was around once every 4 months).

    In linux, these mini things happen every time you want to do..well.. anything systemn related.
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    @NoToJavaScript using Linux stabely without problems for two years ^_^
    Reinstalled to newer version only because time to get new next stable version arrived and I was changing SSD to bigger one

    Everything is installed without any problems out of the box often enough
    Because I just use snap/discovery
    Or installing with apt and instructions from official sites that already wrote instruction for Ubuntu (i run Kubuntu 22.04 LTS at the moment)
    If no snap, i seek downloading .deb and installing as apt install ./file.deb
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    @darkwind Oh and side note :

    When you have this crash "oops, would you like to report it to Microsoft?" you probably click "fuck off, no".

    Soooo. Do you fill a manual crash report with vemdor of your app instead ? No ?

    So why wouldn't you send a crash report ? It's fucking automated, and probably noone will ever see it. But maybe, if there are a LOT, it can give some attention :)

    I honestlly don;t get why wouldn't you report a crash, in automatic mode, where you just need to wait arounbd 10 seconds.
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    @NoToJavaScript would u like your software gathering telemetry about all your actions and sending in real time all pressed buttons and voice actions, and geolocations and everything else just because u missed during installation disabling this telemetry?
    That is modern Windows for you.
    I would like some privacy in Linux ^_^

    Wishing my payment cards, passwords and etc remaining my property only ^_^
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    Also I would like ability disabling services i don't need. In Windows it is no longer option apperently even if u a admin user (try disabling default antivirus Windows Defender or Windows updates :/ )

    In Linux i control everything, and can edit all configs. Surely dangerous, and I can disable or delete smth breaking OS but i remain full owner ☺️
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    @darkwind No I get that. 100%.

    For me the problem can be solved easy :

    “I would like to review the telemetry you are sending and be 100% that’s ONLY things you are sending”.

    If you were sure of this point, would your stance change ?

    Because, potentially, “no telemetry” croud (I’ll join) can come together, develop, I don’t know, open source tool which does as Microsoft “Shit crashed, submit telemetry ?” but you are in full control of data to send. And if there is enough people, we can just ask Microsoft to get us endpoint, where we transmit crash reports, but filtred as we want ?

    But nooo, no one will ever start that! Too much work etc.
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    @NoToJavaScript how long did you work on Linux / do you use it at work? I only got into Linux when I was forced at work. Now I rarely have issues and my office pc had once uptime of 200 days or so!
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    @darkwind Here, I have 2 question :

    What’s the reason to disable a free, not too bad, antivirus ? (This shit did block a download of a torent client once. Took me 1 minute to tell him never do it again).

    And for Updates. I kind of agree with you, updates are : All or nothing. Like I would love security updates, Software are use updates, drives updates be automatic, but I would love to select if yes/or no I want new “GUI” for… “something”.

    But globally, I setted up windows so it only updates on restarts. Never forces restart, never shows notification. And I restart maybe twice a month the pc. It’s always idle. But like once a month, I’m just “yeah go restart needed” before going to sleep.
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    @NoToJavaScript sure, i can agree to reviewed sent reports.

    Problem is, at this point I don't trust Microsoft that they disabled all automated telemetry gathering even if I pressed all buttons for this (after all they abused it too pushy and long time). I can be sure only that potentially I missed something to disable, or this not security reviewable proprietary code can be gathering telemetry regardless of my choices

    It is easier to trust open source. At least it is reviewed by people besides the company workers. And if someone spots foul play, a cleaned from shit version can be forked ^_^
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    @retoor Hey !

    So: I never used Linux in work environment.

    The longer I went with Linux as desktop for myself was 10 months. It was like 9 years ago, so technologies are probably better.

    But I figured out hopw to play (Cracjed CEDEGA and some game over WINE. Configuring sound was a bitch).

    I managed to use most of default linux mail clients, browsers.

    After 10 months, it was just too much work to always adjusting “something”. One game would run on CEDEGA perfectly, but fail on WINE, another game will run with sound on one, but not another.

    Same for Office applications.
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    @NoToJavaScript antivirus that is not disableable
    a) additional yet another strain in hardware resources
    b) potentially security hole again that sends this time all my files to Microsoft (reminding Apple scans all your photos for breaking laws now)
    c) ergh, it blocks me some content I download from torrents like cracked games ^_^
    d) I did not choose to wish I want this antivirus, and I don't have an option to disable it at all
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    @NoToJavaScript Linux shines the best for work actually
    Most specifically for web developers
    Backend Devs, DevOps engineers and can benefit even Frontend developers.
    Because all those Devs target to deploy to Linux in the end ^_^

    It can work for some other categories of developers, but that is all specific from domain to domain
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    @darkwind that can be tested on a router you trust before leaving network. You might not know WHAT telemetry is trasmited, but you'll see trafic increase "too much".

    Also can be solved by a comunity controled end point
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    @darkwind I tends to agree.

    For "a" : Yes. but so any antivirus. Byt potentially there are more efficints and free. It's for user to research. But the default one, well is a "default". Not great, not terrble 3.6/5.

    B : You can now. Up to you to decide. I do have some folders outside sync tho.

    C : Because "normal" user should not download it. You can add exceptions (Which I did) for "*.torrent" format.

    D: I agree, it should be possible. It's your system.
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    I've had failed updates on Windows, Mac, and Linux but only Linux actually tells me what the hell happened. If you don't know the meaning of the error message you can paste it into a search engine and because it's so verbose and specific, you'll get useful answers.

    Last time my Mac failed to update, I only knew it failed because after rebooting I was still on the old version. No error message. No intuitive location to find logs. Just had to try again and pray.

    Last time Windows failed to update, it just said it failed. No additional information that I can recall. I broke Windows Update for a year or two and I'm not sure if it fixed itself or one of my hail mary fixes actually worked.

    When Linux failed to update, it told me which repository caused the error, exactly what url it failed to reach, and the error message returned from the server.
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    I've used just about every os that has been close to mainstream. Windows error messages are by far the most uninformed.
    All the way down to hardware issues. Used Linux disks to diagnose hardware problems (the CD also came with good disk and memory test tools.

    So far osx has also given me quite useful errors.
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