Sales team came in earlier this week promising a client an application with several major modifications in less then 4 months. Guesstimating about 6 months to complete all the modifications.

Manager's answer: "Let's rewrite the application". Top it off he wants to use a obscure language that he only knows.

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    Heh. This sucks. 🙄 I feel for you.
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    Just out of curiosity what's the language?
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    @hidden Oracle APEX
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    Ha ha, that's quite funny actually, the place I did my work placement in used mainly that language, spent a year using it, didn't like it though
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    Apex sucks.
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    "Let's use GO," he says.
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    First excuse me for my bad english,
    second bear me i still 17 years old and know nothing about PMs and working in teams
    i just really need to know why do you and your team need 6 months to write a program isnt this to much
    i have written a program to manage my dad work using c# and sql server it took me 1 month and it works good.
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    @abdallahesam , I have worked on projects that took one month and projects that have taken 18. The time on the project has to do with scope and requirements. For example in an enterprise you can spend one month on authentication and authorization architecture if it is a complicated app with a lot of rules. I have a project that I will be starting on soon and I am estimating 6-8 weeks but it could easily expand to 12.
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    18 months wow, thanks for the response.
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